Hi. I’m Dennis.

I’m a freelance graphic and motion designer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I started my degree in Ryerson thinking I would go into radio, and before then I thought I would become a budding theatre actor, but lo-and-behold here I am designing away in Adobe and C4D. My areas of interest may look widespread at a glance but that’s only because I believe everything in the world is interconnected in some way, and with this in mind I believe both print and animation have an important relationship worth exploring from all fronts.

I know a bit of print, some motion design and 3D, as well as real-time broadcast graphics using Ross Video’s Xpression. I love maximum efficiency and automation so general templating and organization is a strong-suit of mine.

Feel free to drop a line or two if you’d like to discuss a project. Chit-chat is cool too as long as you’re not a bot 🙂